Welcome to nuWARP, Northumbria University

Welcome to Northumbria University’s Warning, Advice & Reporting Point for SMEs

The nuWARP is a collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders, and is governed by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure.  It is part of the UK government’s initiative on helping organizations, secure their information, and their information infrastructure.  The nuWARP is a not-for-profit community based service where members can receive independent information security advice, as well as technical solutions to their information security problems.  It provides an identifiable point of contact for regional SMEs, offering them guidance, support and solutions to IT system vulnerabilities, and we offer:

  • Filtered Warnings: Advanced notification to its members of current data security issues and trends.
  • Advice Brokering: Forum for members to seek and/or give advice on current data security issues.
  • Trusted Sharing: Secure environment for sharing security incidents and other sensitive information.
  • Incident Response: Bespoke guidance and technical solutions for members data security problems.

Full details of the national WARP initiative can be found at www.warp.gov.uk, and for more information on nuWARP and the services we offer to regional SMEs, please email


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